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Spam is becoming a huge problem for all binary trading is legal in india of us, overloading our email inboxes with messages we don't need and don't want. So Internet Service Providers are fighting back by using filtering software to weed out the junk from the genuine mail.

It's a great idea in principle - but it's flawed in practice. These systems work by scanning incoming emails for trigger words and phrases typically found in spam messages. Every time a spam trigger is found, you are awarded penalty points. If the total is too high, your message goes straight to the junk mail folder.

That would be great if only spam messages were caught. Unfortunately, genuine is binary trading legal in india mailings such as opt-in newsletters can also get trapped. So how can you ensure that your ezine gets through to your subscribers?

That's where we come in. Before you mail out your newsletter, just run the copy through EzineCheck.com and we'll tell you how you rate on the 'spam scale.' And if you're in the danger zone, we'll show you how to fix the problems. 

Ezinecheck.com is the easiest and most reliable way to check your newsletter for spam rule compliancy. You can check both plain text binary options trading demo and HTML copy. So don't get lost in the junk mail - test every mailing to maximize delivery success.

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