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Spam filtering systems are now being employed by a high percentage of Internet Service Providers to control the problem of unwanted spam. The idea is to intercept junk mail before it even reaches the intended recipient, keeping our email inboxes free of unwanted messages.

All incoming messages are scanned by software which looks for word and phrases commonly associated with spam messages. These include words such as 'free,' 'sex' and 'win' or ANY SHOUTING IN CAPITALS. Even something as innocent as an exclamation mark can raise a warning flag.

Spam identification methods used include:

  • Looking for common spam key words

  • Checking for overuse of characters such as ! and *

  • Grammatical checks for extensive use of CAPITALS etc

In a typical spam-filtering system, penalty points are added each time a spam trigger is encountered. As the total number of points increases, the likelihood of the message being considered spam increases. Too many points, and the message won't be delivered.

EzineCheck is designed to help genuine publishers of opt-in newsletters avoid getting caught in the spam trap. Before you mail your ezine, all you have to do is run your copy through our system. We'll analyze it in the same way the major spam checkers do, and instantly show you a full report detailing the results.

If you have inadvertently included spam triggers in the message, we'll show you what they are. So all you have to do is edit your copy accordingly. Then you can mail your ezine with confidence, knowing that the best possible delivery rate will be achieved.

EzineCheck is easy to use, and could save your newsletter from the junk folder. So don't just trust to luck...

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