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Terms and Conditions of Use for Ezine Check

Ezinecheck.com is intended for the sole use of legal email publishers.

Please do not use this service if you use the so called, purchased 'opt-in' email lists. That constitutes as spam, the opposite of what this service is set up for.

No guarantee can be made that EzineCheck.com will stop your email from being delivered to the Junk Mail folder. Pease note it is merely a guide.

If you have any words or ideas on how to make this service better or have any spam techniques that we haven't identified, please contact webmaster@ezinecheck.com

The technology used in this application is copyright to EzineCheck.com. The tool is also available to be leased for your site. To enquire about using it please contact us at webmaster@ezinecheck.com



All images and information Copyright Ezinecheck.com and cannot be used without prior permission